There are many things you need to know about students' commonplaces: bad payers, revelers and insured degradations. And yet, renting to a student is a solution full of benefits for the lessors. If you are a student and you want to learn more about housing apartments rental, check

All the accommodations may be suitable

Studio or house with 3 bedrooms ... All types of housing are likely to appeal to students. They may as well look for a T1 as a big house to share in colocation. What matters most to students is the location of your home! If your home is near the campus or at least close to transport to reach the university, you will be more likely to attract students If following departure of your children, your main residence has become too big, you can also offer to rent a room to a student. This type of rental is advantageous for both parties: additional income for the lessor and a housing solution more economical and friendly for the student.

A risk of unpaid rents are limited

Many homeowners are worried about renting their homes to a student because of the risk of unpaid bills. Yet young people are often the tenants who can benefit from the most guarantees.
  • The parents' guarantee
The landlord may require that one or more guarantors agree to pay the rent in the event of default by the tenant.
  • Housing subsidies
Depending on the amount of the rent and its resources, the student can apply for a scholarship. If eligible, the amount of this housing benefit is paid directly to the landlord.
  • The Visale guarantee
VISALE is the rental guarantee of the State. It is activated free of charge by tenants under the age of 30, subject to resources.

A short term rental

A lease for an empty dwelling has a duration of 3 years. For furnished accommodation, the duration is 1 year. But by renting to a student, the lease term is reduced to 9 months. If you want to be able to easily get your home to sell or to house a close, this short rental period is interesting. The only point of vigilance for the landlord remains the state of housing, renovations may be necessary between the various moves. The landlord should not hesitate to ask for a deposit from his tenant.

Tax benefits

The rental investment provides tax benefits.
  • Tax benefits in furnished rental
In furnished rental, the lessor benefits from a tax deduction of at least 50% on the declared income.
  • Tax benefits when buying a new home
With the Pinel law, buying a new home for the purpose of renting it empty can benefit from a tax saving ranging from 12% to 21% for a minimum rental period of 6 years and 12 years maximum.
  • Tax benefits by renting a room at the inhabitant
Renting a room in your home can be totally exempt from taxes if the rent meets the ceilings of the region.

A request that does not suspend or weaken

Housing supply in student residences is still too low compared to the numbers enrolled in graduate studies each year. Many students are forced to turn to the private park. If your accommodation meets all the expectations of a student, it is unlikely that your home will be empty from one year to the next.