Find in this article, all our tips and information to better manage your rental apartment or house.

Search for an apartment for rent

To find an accommodation, you have thousands of studio and apartment rentals available in the best real estate listings. Visit for more about apartments for rent. You also have the possibility to use services of relationship between tenants and particular owners in order to target more specifically this type of request.

Rent increase and other rules in effect

The revision of a rent can be done only by respecting certain rules. The calculation of a rent increase depends on the location of the rental. Revise a rent is done differently between a current lease and a change of tenants. To learn more, check out our complete file on rent increases. When a rental contract is in progress, the rent revision cannot be greater than the change in the Rent Index (Rent Index). In addition, whether at the level of the landlord or at the level of the tenant, there are a number of things to know around a lease, rules of operation around this housing. We will study the most important of them in our articles.

Documents and advice for your real estate rentals

The procedures of exchange between a tenant and a lessor owner are also much framed. You will also find in this section various documents such as:
  • a rental lease model with all the advice to not forget anything and to remain in conformity with the law;
  • a model inventory with advice to properly write your inventory of places of entry or exit;
  • Explanations on the reimbursement of your rental deposit and the procedures to follow in case of dispute.
Learn about the rights and duties of a tenant by browsing our various articles on real estate rentals. For lessors who want advice and information on renting an apartment or a house, see our section on rental investment. You can start with these 6 things to do before renting a house or apartment. Finally, you will find a lot of information, links and information on student housing and colocation in the sub-section dedicated to this specific rental market: the different possibilities to find accommodation when you are a student, the best colocation sites, the help of which we can benefit for a student accommodation, etc.

Rent or buy your home?

Renting an apartment or house is often decried, but has many advantages and may be a better option than a real estate purchase. In some cases, it is better to rent instead of buying one's main home. This is all the more true in recent years, as the gap between rent prices and real estate prices continues to rise. It takes more time for a purchase to become profitable. One more reason to ask yourself these 25 questions before you buy real estate before doing the 9 steps of a real estate purchase. Recently, you can take advantage of very low mortgage rates to finance an apartment or house purchase and no longer pay rents.