The results have fallen; you will spend the next school year in another city. How to survive in the jungle of student rentals? Well, here are his tricks!

Choose the location first

Studies are far from being a period of rest. The number one criterion in the search for a student rental is therefore the location. Housing located near the school or university, it is less time in transport so potentially less fatigue! Visit if you wish to have more information about flats for rent.

Opt for the student residence

Ideally located next to campuses and meeting all the needs of students for a generally adapted budget, student residences have all the assets. These buildings reserved for students offer studios or 2 rooms generally furnished and benefiting from a kitchenette, a bathroom and toilet. Depending on the establishment, residents can access different types of services and services such as a cleaning service, a cafeteria, a laundry, a gym, parking ...).

Promote furnished rentals

Student renting is by definition temporary and it is normal to be reluctant to devote part of its budget to the purchase of furniture and equipment. As its name implies, renting a furnished apartment means that you rent a dwelling with a minimum of equipment: a bed with duvet, hotplates, an oven, a refrigerator and a freezer, crockery and kitchen utensils, table and chairs, storage shelves, light fixtures and housekeeping equipment. This type of rental is subject to a specific lease. Upon termination of the lease, the notice period is reduced to 1 month (instead of 3 months for an "empty" lease). The rent is slightly higher for a furnished house than for an empty house, but the difficulties involved in moving in and out are greatly reduced.

Think about roommate

Roommates have many advantages that always appeal to students. At the top of the list is the sharing of costs for food as well as for the Internet subscription and any work. What also seduces is the possibility of grouping the files to have more chances to convince the lessor. It is also a unique opportunity to live in a spacious home, or even in a house with a garden ... For a comfort of everyday life, however, it is necessary to choose his roommates, especially since the tenants will be financially linked by the rental lease. Finally, the colocation is organized not only between students. Intergenerational colocation is growing more and more. It actually takes the form of a room rental homestay. In exchange for a modest rent, the student is housed in an elderly person and helps him in small daily tasks.

Seeking help from parents

Faced with the difficulties encountered by students, some parents help their children to find housing by buying a home. Investing in real estate is a long-term project that has benefits for parents. As a first step, this accommodation can be used to house their child during his or her school years. In a second time, it can be useful in the beginning of his professional career, to be rented to another student or to be resold. As landlords, parents can rent their child for free or claim rent. Of course, this option should be considered depending on the duration of studies, property prices and local rental demand.