Higher education marks a big change in life. For some people, this means moving into a new city and often leaving the family cocoon. Not easy to choose the ideal accommodation during this stage. Living alone in a studio, in a roommate or in a residence for students; is like we take stock of solutions for housing when you are a student.

Moving in alone

To live alone is to live free, but it is also (sometimes) to live alone. This is a solution that does not appeal to everyone. And because of a student budget; the number of rented m² is often reduced, especially in large cities. Life alone is not always economical but it offers you the opportunity to live at your own pace, according to your own rules (while respecting your neighbors). Listen to your favorite song in a loop, monopolize the bathroom, welcome friends, and do not do the dishes tonight ... and especially be always calm to revise your courses: live alone in a studio have many benefits! In addition to the amount of rent, the important criterion in your real estate search will be the location. Too long travel times will have a negative impact on your fatigue and motivation. As soon as you spot a studio or a 2-room - furnished or not - that suits you, you can immediately discover your future neighborhood and shops and transport nearby. With Travel Time Search, you can directly access ads around your campus!

To settle in student residence

The student residence is the solution halfway between renting a studio alone and living in a roommate. A student residence is an institution offering housing - T1 or T2 - rented only to students. These residences also offer several services such as a cafeteria, a launderette, work rooms, car parks, gyms... By choosing to rent in a student residence, you have the possibility to have your personal space, without being totally isolated from other students. Another advantage of renting in student residences: all the accommodations are furnished and equipped which is more practical at the time of the move!

Let yourself be tempted by the roommate

You leave the family cocoon and live alone do not enchant you completely? Why not opt ​​for colocation? With friends or strangers, the roommate is a rewarding experience humanly and interesting financially. By pooling their budgets, students make their rental record more solid vis-à-vis a lessor. A bigger budget is also the possibility of renting a larger home. Forget the life in a small studio and to you the house with garden! Another undeniable advantage of roommates: shared costs. Energy bills, internet subscription, food shopping, small jobs, taxes and of course rent ... all the expenses are distributed among the tenants! Colocation is the ideal solution if you change city for your studies. You can count on your roommates to give you the best addresses. Studies can sometimes be stressful and there is nothing worse than falling back on oneself in those moments. Living with other people - in the same curriculum as you or not - is a real asset to morale. In order to make colocation life go smoothly, one must not overlook a "rules of life" (and respect it!). Also check the clauses contained in your lease. Some make the flat mates "supportive" of each other in the payment of rent and expenses.