How to calculate the value of a property?

Published on : 02 May 20192 min reading time

There are several situations in which it is essential to know the value of your house for sale, house or apartment.

Commonly, these situations are simply divorces, credit redemptions or certain tax procedures such as donations or estates.


The Court may appoint one or more experts if it considers that these are questions that require certain knowledge and expertise in the field of real estate. These experts assist the court in providing judges with real estate estimates needed in some trials. Each court has a list of experts.

Investment: An investor may have multiple properties in his portfolio of real estate assets and may require prompt and complete notice of the value of some or all of his assets.

Loans overdue: Outstanding loans are the main reason for writing a BPO for a lender or borrower. A lender may want to determine whether to modify a loan or make a seizure.

Legal Issues: Legal issues such as divorce, bankruptcy and property distribution often benefit from a BPO.

Trading in commercial leases

Remove the PMI (Mortgage Insurance): If an owner requests the cancellation of the PMI guarantee (if he considers that there is a net asset value of 20%) whether by himself or by the lender, he may request a CMA or a BPO.

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