Room rental involves the signing of a lease and the establishment of rules of living together. Discover the specificities of this type of rental and the conditions to respect.

Furnished room rental homestay

You plan to rent a room in your home. What are the peculiarities of this type of rental? Renting a room in your home can be an interesting solution to enhance an unoccupied room in your apartment or house, after the departure of your children for example. Although renting an empty room is possible, renting a furnished apartment is better suited to this situation and offers more tax benefits.

The need to propose a decent room

If you wish to rent a furnished room in your home, you must first make sure that the room in question falls within the rules of decency defined by the law. It must have an area of ​​9 m² and a height of 2.20 m minimum, a window and lighting. His condition must not present any danger to the safety and health of the tenant. It must include a minimum of furniture (bed with mattress and blanket, wardrobe, desk and seat), allowing the everyday life of the tenant arriving with his belongings only. Your tenant must have access to running water, electricity, a kitchen equipped with dishes and sanitary. You can provide a kitchenette and a private bathroom, or share these rooms of your home with him. You have no right to enter the room of your tenant or its private parts. You must have your tenant sign a furnished rental lease (see terms and conditions). You are required to attach to this lease an agreement specifying which parts and equipment are available to him. You are free to set the amount of the rent, and define a flat rate meeting all the charges that you ask your tenant. If you wish, you can have him sign an internal regulation laying down rules concerning the visits or the management of the waste, being careful not to deprive him of the normal use of the room he rents.

An advantageous tax system

The income generated by the rents of your rented furnished room is to be declared as industrial and commercial profits (BIC). If your annual income does not exceed € 32,900, you fall under the micro-BIC regime: you are then taxed on only 50% of your revenue. Beyond this limit (or if you choose it), you are subject to the real tax system. You can also benefit from a tax exemption on all of your income, if the following conditions are met:
  • the room you rent is part of your main home
  • it is the main residence of your tenant
  • Ask for a reasonable rent, not exceeding the ceilings set by the tax authorities
In any case, hosting a tenant in your home is a great way to benefit from additional income, or simply a reassuring presence if you live alone.