How to choose your student accommodation ?

Published on : 02 May 20195 min reading time

Are you about to move into a rental? We tell you everything you need to know to avoid any bad surprises! The questions to ask before the visit, those to ask during the visit … nothing will take you by surprise with our advice.

Prepare to visit

First of all, know that it is essential to visit the accommodation you choose. You cannot really judge a home with pictures on the Internet, because they can be misleading. Owners often highlight the positive points of housing through these photos, and do not tell you the negative points that could stop you in your choice.

In addition, do not be fooled and remember to sign the lease, if the accommodation suits you, after the visit of the housing! An owner does not have the right to ask you for money to reserve his accommodation. If it does, it is because it is not completely honest, so it is best to protect the best possible scams.

If the visit is a must, it is also better to inquire in advance, whether by mail or telephone, to save time and efficiency.

You can inquire about the documents to provide to complete your file. Normally, all files must be composed of a photocopy of an identity document, the last three payslips, the last tax notice, the certificate of your employer, the RIB…

Students must therefore call on a guarantor to provide all required proof. Do not forget to bring back your file with you during the visit! It’s always good to have it on hand at times like this.

You can then inquire in advance about the guarantees requested, the amount of the deposit or charges. The price of the rental may vary depending on these elements because in some cases, these charges take into account water and heating. Ask about the housing tax, either with the owner or the current tenant because it is different depending on the city where the house is, and can also vary depending on your income. There may also be a garbage tax, do not forget to ask! Try to ask the right questions to get clear and precise answers and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Another important element for any student wishing to settle is the neighborhood in which the dwelling is located. Once the appointment is fixed for the visit, do not hesitate to visit the surroundings to see where the shops are, if you are close to the transports, and if there are car parks in the case where you would have your own vehicle. You will also be able to interview the other inhabitants of the building to find out more about the area and have their opinion on the place of residence. It is always a good idea to gather a maximum of opinion on the reputation of the district, and this among those who will become perhaps your future neighbors to palliate.

Things to observe during the visit

During the visit, this is where you have to be extremely attentive. Scroll through each corner, take your time, and do not hesitate to ask questions. After all, the visit serves that purpose!

Go for a visit at the end of the day: this will allow you to assess the noise of the neighborhood at one o’clock where the inhabitants are usually at home, and you can also test the parking spaces if you are transported.

Already, the first thing that will blow your eyes when you arrive is the area and brightness. If the area does not seem to suit you, you can always check by measuring the housing (do not forget to bring back something to measure in this case). Regarding the brightness, you can check on the moment or ask at what time of day you will have the sun in your apartment. Make sure there are enough windows to let in the light because it is better to use natural light. It allows you to save energy (and therefore save on bills), and add a breath of fresh air to housing. In addition, lack of light can affect morale.

Once the brightness of the apartment and the dimensions checked, ask questions about the heating. If it is not included in the charges, this will give you an idea of ​​the additional charges to add to your rental. And above all, ask to see the energy balance of housing, which is mandatory!

Then comes the equipment. Take a look around you, you must not miss anything! During a visit, you are quite free and can do everything. Take this opportunity and open the windows, the doors, if the kitchen is equipped and in this case, that the fridge, oven and hobs work without problem. Check the pressure of the faucets, if there are no leaks, the time that can put the hot water to arrive…

Also test the intercom if there is one and look for the location of the plugs … in short, take all your time to see if nothing is missing and nothing is faulty. Put yourself in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes the time of the visit! This is the decisive moment to be punctilious and perfectionist.

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