Many future renters or landlords prefer to go through the sites of particular to particular to avoid agency fees. Many also believe that being in direct contact with the owner of the rented home will save them time in the event of a disaster or guarantee a quicker response if needed, because without intermediary. While some agents in some agencies may not be exemplary, on the side of the owners, they are also many not to be models of responsiveness and honesty. In addition, real estate agent is a real job: you can ask all the following questions before, during and after the visit. Your real estate agent will bring you the information you request with efficiency and professionalism. However, if he does not have answers, look to find out more!

Why are the old occupants leaving?

Before making a decision, it is entirely legitimate for you to question the reasons why the former occupants moved out. There may be reasons that may make it difficult to rent or sell the property, agents may be evasive or simply not answerable. It's worth digging a little and learning about:
  • the neighborhood ;
  • the co-ownership;
  • the trustee, the union, the representative ;
  • the neighborhood;
  • Recent damage...

When can I come for another visit?

It is sometimes difficult to find a niche during the day to visit the property that interests you. Other potential buyers / tenants may be numerous, the real estate agent overwhelmed. So you had a visit in the evening, or a rainy day. Difficult under these conditions to realize the sunshine, the shade that the building opposite on your facade, the general appearance of the places in everyday life ... Do not hesitate to ask another visit, at a different schedule, with a more lenient weather if needed!

Which artisans do you work with?

The agencies often work with the same craftsmen. They trust them and it allows to intervene more quickly in case of problem. On the other hand, if the owner asks for it, they can consult several companies to allow him to choose. Being interested in people contacted in case of concern will allow you several things:
  • You can evaluate the quality of the providers.
  • You have the appropriate contacts if the agency does not answer right away, in an emergency situation.
  • You indicate your interest in the good.

How many interested on the good?

You hesitate, the good you like, but it lacks something: a balcony, a bath, light, and storage... Do you still have time to think, to make other visits? Ask your agent how many people are potentially interested in the same property. If some invent a rival buyer to push you to make a decision in the case of a purchase, most will be honest because it will be in their best interest to stay on good terms if they want you to use their services afterwards. In addition, if you are the first to visit, you will not really be able to negotiate the price: the agent will prefer to have several proposals and will continue to make visits. In the same way, for the tenants, the agent is not always the one who has the last word: the owners can have decided to keep only the files of candidates in CDI, gaining more than so much per month, etc. On the other hand, when agent and owner work together for a while, state your interest in good at first can make the difference! It is therefore useful to know if you are the only one in the running.

What are the amounts of...?

Buying a real estate property also means paying regular taxes and fees. It is essential to inquire and ask your real estate agent the amount of: Condominium fees: whether you are a grouped single-family house (village) or a multi-family building, these expenses are incumbent upon you. By looking at the expense report for the previous two years, you should have a good idea of ​​what to expect. Work planned: be interested in the minutes of general meetings to be aware of developments and work envisaged. In case you have to participate, ask for the amount of your quota. Local taxes: do not hesitate to ask for the amounts of the housing tax and property tax.