The key steps in buying a new home

Published on : 02 May 20194 min reading time

Buying off plan is an option that allows you to enjoy spaces that are truly adapted to your needs. In addition, you are assured of acquiring a property that meets the latest energy standards. Although it takes several months or years between booking and key collection, the purchase of a new apartment is rather reassuring.

Set your budget

Defining your budget for buying a new property is simpler than when you buy an old one. In fact, you do not have to anticipate renovation, insulation or other major development costs after the purchase.

For the purchase of a new home, you must define your budget according to the purchase price (subject to VAT), the acquisition costs (generally between 2 and 3%) composed of the registration and registration fees. the remuneration of the notary and the bank charges related to the transaction.

Other fees may apply if you decide to personalize your accommodation. Most promoters propose you to choose the interior decoration according to your tastes, among various coatings or kitchen design, but if you have specific requests, they will be billed.

To support investment in new housing, the State has put in place various devices such as the zero-rate loan or Pinel device, if your property is for rental. Depending on your resources and the location of the program, they may allow you to fund part of your project.

With these elements in mind, play the competition between different banks to get the best conditions for your mortgage.

Find a new home to buy

Ads for new homes for sale found on many websites like, do not have the same types of information as for an existing home. It is sometimes more difficult to project when you only have a housing plan and promotional photos describing the future building in a succinct way.

Sign the booking contract

The reservation contract is a pre-sale contract or preliminary contract that you will sign with the promoter. This document details the characteristics of the property, the fixed selling price and the provisional dates of signing the final contract and delivery of the completed dwelling.

On this occasion, the promoter will generally ask you to pay a deposit of no more than 5% of the agreed purchase price.

Sign the deed of sale before the notary

In the 3 to 6 months following the signing of the reservation contract, you will find the promoter at a notary to sign the final deed of sale or contract off-plan (Sale in the Future State of Completion). This contract mentions the details relating to the housing, the obtaining of the mortgage, the guarantee of completion of the works, as well as the schedule of the payments.

Indeed, when buying a new home, payment is made at the pace of construction: completion of foundations, carcass work, installation of the roof, windows, etc … The last payment is made on delivery of the well, when handing over the keys.

Receiving accommodation

For security reasons, it is not possible to visit the site during the construction of your home. However, developers often offer an intermediate visit, usually when the interior partitions of your home are completed.

During the visit, you will have to check that the accommodation is in accordance with the bill of sale and plans. If you notice construction or finishing defects, you can make reservations. The promoter then has the obligation to carry out the necessary works. You have the right to be assisted by a professional, such as an architect or a technical controller, to perform the checks. This step is important because it allows you to move serenely into your new home.

If you notice any defects after the delivery of the keys, know that you are still protected from possible hidden defects by the guarantee of perfect completion (the year after delivery), the biennial guarantee (two years after delivery) and the ten-year guarantee ( ten years after delivery) which covers the shell.

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