Buying an apartment is often the biggest investment in a home life. One of the financing resources is at your disposal and if you have found the property that meets your needs, you must always make sure that the purchase process goes smoothly. An offer to buy an apartment can be made orally; it can also take a written form. The real estate agent will take care of the management of all offers and counter-offers. The real estate agency must provide the buyer with all information likely to affect his decision and the broker is required to inform both the seller and the buyer of the problems related to the offer and its acceptance.

What will be recorded in an offer to purchase?

The written offer must include at least the following elements: 1. The proposed purchase price. 2. The method of payment of the price of the property: in cash, by bank transfer ... 3. Transfer of ownership. 4. The amount to be paid as compensation for late payment of the price of the property to the seller. 5. Is there a conditional takeover bid, or if the transaction is subject for example, to the extent of humidity, access to credit, the prior sale of an old apartment? . 6. The date of the transaction and the date of the signing of the contract of sale. 7. The duration of the offer.

Conditional public offer

The takeover bid may be conditional. For example, an offer may be conditional on a diagnosis of humidity levels, the decision to grant a bank loan or the sale of your old home. In the latter case, the seller may use the conditional approval, ie accept the offer made, while reserving the right to receive and accept other offers. The take-over bid may be accepted or rejected and, in certain circumstances, conditional approval is also possible. If the offer is accepted but a change has been made, it is a rejection of the offer and a new offer made by the seller, namely a counter-offer. In this case, the previous offer no longer binds buyer and seller. The counter-offer may also be conditional, i.e. the seller may reserve the right to accept other offers. The provisions of the legal acts relating to the conclusion of the contract apply to the sale of the co-ownership: the contract is passed when the bidder has received a response from the seller. The offer must be accepted during its validity period and the approval must be notified to the tenderer within the time limit. The tenderer has the right to withdraw from the tender without penalty if he has received incomplete or incorrect information on the tender in question. If the purchase is a property, such as a parcel of land and a detached house, a commercial bidder will be used to make a binding bid, which also participates in the sale of the property, ie say to the signing of the transaction.