It is in the areas of building and real estate that we meet the term of real estate diagnosis. This is an approach through which a professional in the field makes an assessment on a building by following indicators or criteria that are specific to the object of study. The real estate diagnosis is usually mandatory. The approach is not simple and not only to make an inventory. It is also a question of establishing diagnoses according to the year of construction, the type of transaction, the seniority of all the installations but also according to the location of the property (s) in question. Exact definition of "real estate diagnosis" The diagnosis of real estate consists in controlling a real estate. The control is done by a professional diagnostician before the house in question is put on sale or is about to be rented. The diagnosis is also done before the work on the property; it can among other things be a renovation. In all cases, it results in a balance sheet of the state of the property. This is the DDC or technical diagnostics file. It is a set of documents that puts the total balance sheet in writing and must be submitted on the day of the signature of the contract of sale or lease, at the latest. The criteria required for a diagnosis A diagnosis is never done quickly. A list of real estate diagnostics is mandatory and it depends on several criteria including:
  • The type of transaction to specify, whether it is a sale or a lease.
  • Type of property (for commercial purposes, a simple house or an apartment).
  • From the date of construction of the property.
  • The geographical location of the property (in which geographic location).
  • The age of the facilities (including electricity and gas).
A diagnosis should never be made by an uncertified person. It must be done by a professional, certified and trained diagnostician. The only diagnosis that can violate this rule is the state of natural, mining and technological risks or ERNMT that can be done by the online owner. The diagnostician must present his certification and that the company has a civil liability. This avoids litigation. Real estate diagnosis governed by the date of the building permit There is what is called asbestos diagnosis. It is a diagnosis made by a specialized diagnostician and equipped for the occasion in the material named asbestos. It is a highly dangerous and very carcinogenic material. The diagnosis therefore consists of looking for asbestos. This is to avoid the risk of asbestos.