Going by a real estate agency to rent a property in LondonĀ 

Published on : 02 May 20192 min reading time

Renting accommodation in London is generally relatively simple, just find the accommodation we like and pay the deposit. However when looking for a “real apartment” things get complicated. Indeed for an apartment it is usually necessary to go through real estate agencies because Gum tree and Spare room are not enough anymore (however these sites are perfect if you are looking for a roommate).

Find a real estate agency in London

You can visit real estate websites for example. You can enter your criteria and a list of available accommodations will appear. Then you simply have to control the photos, the price and the exact place where it is. Once you have a small list of accommodations that you like, you must visit them all. Each accommodation is listed by an agency. Call and ask to see the accommodation as soon as possible.

Visit a property and ask the right questions

Once you have visited the accommodation and are sure you want to take it, consider asking the right questions:

– does the rent include the invoices, if yes which ones

– How much is the council tax in the apartment? Above all, check with the council because the agencies do not always know, or they do bad things and minimize the council tax.

– how much deposit? is it kept by a specialized company (ideally prefer this solution rather than leaving the deposit to the owner because in case of conflict you will be protected)

– what is the notice to leave the accommodation

Once you have the answers to your questions, make sure everything that has been said is written down on the rental agreement. The contract will be taken into account in case of disagreement so what is said orally has no value.

The necessary documents to the real estate agency

So we come to the lease and the necessary documents to the real estate agency. In general you do not need much: a valid passport, proof of address (invoice) and references. Real estate agencies do a background check to see if you are able to pay the rent: they prefer people on permanent contracts for some time and will call your boss to check that you work well at home as you said. Some agencies spend this background check in agency fees but generally count 150 pounds and some expenses in general (per person).

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