The real estate sector is one of the most dynamic sectors. As a result, new professions such as real estate estimator are emerging. So what is the role of becoming professional? How do you become a real estate estimator? And who do they work for?

What is the real estate appraisal business?

The professional working in this profession is a real estate expert. We can say that people who hold a bachelor's degree or a Master's degree in various real estate professions (real estate law, asset management ...) have the skills to make an estimate Real estate. This professional intervenes to estimate for example the value of a property when its owner wants to sell it to finance for example the purchase of a new property in addition to a bank loan. At this point, the real estate appraiser comes in. It checks whether the value of the apartment matches the total amount of the bank loan and the appraisal report will be submitted to the bank. The final decision whether to grant the loan depends on the conclusions reached in the report.

How to become a real estate estimator?

There is no diploma strictly speaking specialized in real estate valuation. It is most often to follow a university course spanning 3 years or 5 years to obtain respectively a degree of license or master in various specialties such as the law of real estate, wealth management ... Obviously the diploma is not enough and it is imperative for the holder to have a minimum of experience to be able to claim to be a real estate appraiser. One of the most effective ways to gain work experience is to start working in real estate in a real estate agency for example. Gradually, you deepen your knowledge of the real estate market and its various features.

Where can a real estate appraiser work?

Real estate estimators work for real estate appraisers that provide real estate appraisal services such as apartments, dwellings and real estate projects. These types of companies play a crucial role in estimating real estate assets according to the needs of individuals and businesses. As interest in home loans has increased, the role of real estate valuation professionals has increased. These experts not only provide benefits for individuals but also for companies to estimate assets such as industrial premises and other property assets belonging to the assets of a company.